Dra. Vanessa Neumann

I am, and will be perpetually, a staunch defender of the rights, freedoms and independence of our America, whose honorable cause I defend and will defend all my life both because it is just and necessary for the salvation of its unfortunate inhabitants, as well as because it is also important in the day to the entire human race.

- Francisco de Miranda

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Hello, thank you very much for coming to this space! I am a Venezuelan entrepreneur who has immense love for my country, as well as great enthusiasm and dedication to provide solutions to the problems that we have today as a nation. I have decades of experience understanding how the world works and the reality behind political masks.

I value integrity in all aspects of life, always doing the best job possible. I am committed to the realities of my Venezuelan brothers. Proudly celebrating the real Venezuela: its religious, racial, sexual and economic diversity.


The realities in the world of international crime

My publications and professional goals are destined to contribute favourably in the political, social and business areas within Venezuela, Latin America and in conjunction with other sister nations around the world.

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One of my focuses is to support the Venezuelan population to build the prosperity and opportunities that the country wants and deserves. 

I work tirelessly, always with Venezuela in mind. To create social and business projects that promote quality of life, capacities and Venezuelan talent.

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