Dra. Vanessa Neumann

Vanessa Neumann, Ph.D.

Hello, I'm Vanessa!

A Venezuelan with immense love and enthusiasm to work for my country. Determined to face those who want to harm it.

Always lending my experience of international politics and democratic vision to achieve results.

Building paths to make the real Venezuela visible. Supporting their religious, racial, sexual and economic diversity

My Trajectory

My professional passions

I trained as a Doctor in Moral Political Philosophy at Columbia University.

I found my passion in the politics and security of Latin America, particularly in the fight against illicit trade and corruption.

I founded Asymmetrica, an anti-corruption and anti-trafficking consultancy, member of the Global Counter-Terrorism Research Network (GCTRN) of the United Nations Security Council.

I'm the author of the book "Blood Profits: How American Consumers Unconsciously Finance Terrorists".

I was a diplomatic representative of Venezuelans in the UK and Ireland (2019-20). A management that prevented the Nicolás Maduro regime from accessing Venezuelan gold in the Bank of England. Also restoring the right to identity of thousands of Venezuelans in the United Kingdom with the extension of passports expired for 5 more years.

Other Experiences...

  • Worked on the reintegration of paramilitaries in Colombia 2008-09.
  • Evaluator of the ARIS manual of the US Special Forces against counterinsurgency in Colombia.
  • US Department of Defense Consultant of asymmetric warfare.
  • I provide services to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to Combat Illicit Trade.

I was born in Caracas, inside a family of traditional businessmen. My grandfather was Hans Neumann, who found refuge in Venezuela after fleeing communist Czechoslovakia in 1949.

My family has played a significant role in the culture, business and relations of Venezuela with the United States. They established philanthropic institutions such as the Neumann Foundation, the Hans Neumann Cultural Fund, and the Design Institute "La Neumann".


They founded the only Venezuelan company to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, and created an MBA program led by Harvard Business School competitiveness teacher, Prof. Michael Porter.

My family's entrepreneurship and dedication to make Venezuela grow, were a great source of inspiration to contribute now and always to the rescue of my country.